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Galaxy S20 FE Mint Color Late Recommendation

It’s winter now. It’s freezing. That’s why my morning commute to work is hell. I walk around because my work is close to my house and it’s cold to wear a padded jacket. The same goes for the day after work. I didn’t come to work today because I took a monthly leave, but I’m already at a loss when I think about going to work again tomorrow.

But I have no regrets because I rested well from the weekend to today. I changed my smartphone last week and was busy fiddling with it. The smartphone I bought this time is the Galaxy S20 FE model.

The price of Galaxy S20 FE Mint got much lower because of the huge increase in the official support fund. And the color of the Galaxy S20 FE Mint is so pretty that I can’t see other smartphones. So I bought it in the Galaxy S20 FE Mint color and used it.

I bought it through a Mom’s phone cafe. The Mom’s phone cafe sells the Galaxy S20 FE model at a special price of 40,000 won. It’s really cheap. Besides, the delivery came right after the next day. I still can’t forget it. Because it’s the day, I actually received the Galaxy S20 FE mint color!

I’ve never seen a smartphone as pretty as the Galaxy S20 FE mint color. Should I say it’s soft green? Anyway, the mint color was so pretty. I think I chose the Galaxy S20 FE mint color very well.

In addition to the Galaxy S20 FE, mint, lavender, red, black, and navy are also available. The Galaxy S20 FE model has as good specifications as the color! It was good because the screen was big. It’s a size 6.5 inches.

Also, the punch-hole display is applied, so you can use the screen big and full. I’m so satisfied with the excellent sense of immersion. The injection rate was really high, too! As much as 120Hz is provided, my eyes don’t get tired even if I use my smartphone for a long time.

It is said that a high injection rate blocks blue light that is harmful to the eyes. Besides, the Galaxy S20 FE model has excellent performance. The download speed is breakneck because 5G mobile communication is supported. The processor is also equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, which provides a breakneck and accurate work processing speed.

Memory comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, but it doesn’t have much RAM, but there’s no problem using it! The high-end game played well, and there was no bounce or stop even when running multiple apps simultaneously.

We have plenty of storage space, but if we run out of it, we can expand up to 1TB of external memory, so we don’t worry too much. If it’s not enough, I’ll add an SD card. The best part of the Galaxy S20 FE model’s specifications was the camera.

The 32 million pixel selfie lens on the front allows us to take an obvious picture. The 12 megapixel wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and 8-megapixel telescopic lenses on the back create a diverse atmosphere.

Ultra wide-angle lenses can hold up to 123 degrees of picture angle, wide-angle lenses can take clear picture quality, and telescopic lenses have up to 30 times the digital zoom function, making it easier to control the distance from the distance subjects.

Besides this, the Galaxy S20 FE model had various functions such as Samsung Pay, IP68 grade waterproof dust, and so on! If you register your card, you will be free to play online and offline, so it will be more convenient for people who are not in their daily lives. Waterproof dust was also good because there was less dust or liquid damage.

So I’d like to recommend the Galaxy S20 FE model to those looking for a cost-effective smartphone!~ If you purchase the Galaxy S20 FE model now, you can definitely reduce the price burden. How cheap is it? You can buy it at a special price of 40,000 won.

So if you’re interested, I strongly recommend you to use it in a hurry. You’ll probably be delighted with the mom’s phone cafes. The application process is straightforward, and the counselors are very kind.

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