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I got a whole bunch of car phone holder

My mom changed it to a new car, but it’s an old cellphone holder that she’s always been using. And maybe because my cell phone holder is old, I feel very nervous about my loose posture. So I prepared a present for my mom, who picked a new car.

My mom has been driving for a long time, so she used a car phone holder for a long time, but she failed every time. So this time, I carefully compared them and chose them. The one I chose this time is a high-speed charging cradle for the Mayton car, and it’s a model called grievance 2.

Manton is a brand that specializes only in-car products, and the cell phone holder also has a variety of models. The 2nd complaint I chose this time was a renewal version of the signature model. The delivery is so fast that it’s LTE-class! The package design is also neat with black and white tones, so it’s good for acquaintances’ gifts.

In addition to the basic components such as the main body, C-type charging cable, fixed ring, instructions for use, basic ventilation rack, and attachment stand, a dashboard-type and angle-controlled vent stand have been added to the component for more diverse environments.

Actually, I was satisfied with my first generation’s difficulties, so after hearing about the launch of the second generation, I chose it as my mom’s gift, and to take a quick look at the function,
Qi Official Authentication
High-speed charging
Wireless charging
in a silencer
FOD Response Sensor
Stay-0n Features
And the LED color change function was added here. I will explain the details in detail with the installation photo.

Installation was straightforward. It was so close to the finished product that I didn’t need a manual, and I, a woman, finished it in a few minutes.

There are many advantages of grievance 2, but my favorite one was the cool charging speed. Few people don’t use a car phone stands these days, so that you might agree, but it’s frustrating to see why the charging speed of the car itself is so slow. These days, car navigation has problems with upgrading, so maybe because I usually use my phone navigation, battery discharge is normal.

But if it’s a collaboration of the Mayton cradle, high-speed charger, jack, and high-speed charging cable, you don’t have to worry about the charging speed. In the case of the existing cradle, if it is about 5W, the combination of the three-stage combo boasts a charging speed of 3 times the 14W output, so there was no need for a separate charge. And for the existing products, a separate purchase was required for the high-speed charger gear jack, but the upgraded grievance 2 was included in the basic components, which also saved a lot of money!

In my boyfriend’s case, he hates it even if he buys me a car phone holder because it’s uncomfortable. After all, he blocks the wind when he controls the temperature through a vent like a summer or a winter. In that case, a dashboard holder is handy.
Actually, there was a reason why I didn’t use the dashboard type, but the view of the dashboard type is too stuffy. However, the dashboard-type cradle added during the renewal can be adjusted in length, and angle adjustment is also possible at 180 degrees so that you can use it freely depending on the driver’s convenience.

Plus, it’s really good at attachment! The dashboard holder can’t help but weaken its adhesion because it has to be used in an environment where dust can accumulate easily. Still, if you attach 3M tape to the enclosed circular plate, it’s also very tight when you go over a roller coaster-like barrier!

The back of the main body is equipped with a rotating ring, so the angle control is free to 360 degrees, and the most novel thing is the FOD sensor method. It’s not just once or twice that the holder opens when you touch the existing mobile phone holder.
This product is a type of sensor that only responds to smartphones, so there was no risk of a cell phone rolling down while driving! If you bring your phone to the main body, it opens and detects the phone’s size, so it was possible to go through other types of phones.

When you’re driving, you’ve all experienced a shocking experience of rolling down a stand attached to a ventilation shaft when you’re turning around or applying a sudden brake, right? So am I. In this case, there was no such inconvenience because the inside of the tongs that secure the cradle is equipped with non-slip silicon.

With the renewal of the Mayton mobile phone stand, new features have been added!
The driver could change the LED color to the color he wanted.

Seven colors can be combined with ambient light colors so that you can fit your car’s mood, but you can change the LED color with the top left button. The color conversion has changed, so it has a great interior effect, and it’s great to change your mood.

When I operate the navigation, I often accidentally press the button on the left. Unlike other products, the Detachment Touch Sensor is located in the upper right corner, so I don’t have to make any mistakes while driving.

The essence of a car phone stand is that it has to be very durable, right? This product holds it on both sides with a holder and once again on the bottom, so it’s very stable. Also, the lower support can be adjusted to the height of 3 steps, making it easy to use according to the driver’s height.

And the noise! This really bothers me! In Mayton’s case, the noise was similar to that of the library, and the lights that came in when the machine was running were subtle, allowing him to concentrate on driving even at night!

The most useful thing about traveling far away was the dual charging function, which can charge two cars simultaneously. In the case of a normal car phone holder, there’s only one place to plug in the jack, so after one person was charged, another person could charge it. It can be charged simultaneously by the dual-port method, and its charging speed is LTE-class, so there was no need to worry about batteries when going on a family trip.

You can use the cradle even after you turn off your stock and start-up! In the existing stand, we couldn’t take it off if we turned off the engine. But about five to six times? It was also available after the engine was turned off with residual power inside the cradle.
So far, we’ve looked at the gift rack for you, and if you have any more questions, check it out at the bottom.

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