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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Specifications and Performance Reviews!

It seems like Apple’s iPhone 12 series is making a lot of noise these days. My friends around me were busy looking for pre-bookings. But I was able to change my smartphone comfortably because I was a Galaxy user! We get a maximum price discount.

My friends my age use iPhone models, but I don’t know if it’s because I used Galaxy models since I was young. I don’t like the iPhone! There are a few discount Hye tags. So I changed it to the Galaxy model again!

These days, I’ve changed my hobby to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model with the best camera specifications! I bought it at a low price through Mom’s phone cafe. I purchased the Ultra model of Galaxy Note 20 at a special price of 500,000 won.

It’s about 70% cheaper than the store price! If it weren’t for the Mom’s phone cafe, it would’ve been hard to buy it at such a low price. Besides, the delivery of Mom’s phone was so fast that I could use it the next day after I bought it.

I really liked the specifications of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera. Honestly, I bought the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera because of the specifications, but it was much better than I expected when I actually used it! I especially liked the variety of rear lenses among the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cameras.

There are 108 million-pixel wide-angle lenses, 12 million-pixel telescopes, and ultra-wide-angle lenses. Telescope lenses are good because they help control distance from distant subjects more easily using a 50-fold digital zoom feature!

The ultra-wide-angle lens was great to have a wide-angle of view! Up to 123 degrees, so it was suitable for taking landscape pictures or group photos.~ Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera also supports a variety of features! Low-light photography is supported for use in bright colors, even in the dark.

Steady Action Cam minimizes shaking and increases the video’s completeness, and Single Take Mode is also available to take photos in one shot! Among the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cameras, there is a 10-megapixel selfie lens on the front!

I’m satisfied with the clear quality of selfies and video calls available! Actually, I didn’t have many expectations for the selfie lens among the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra cameras, but I was so surprised that the quality was better than I thought! Besides, the Ultra model of Galaxy Note 20 had a perfect spec!

First of all, the display size was huge at 6.9 inches. Infinity-O Dynamic AMOLED is applied to it, so you can use the screen full! I was so immersed in the big screen!

The injection rate was 120Hz, so I liked it because I didn’t feel tired even if I used it for a long time! You did a great job, too! Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset is high-speed and accurate!

I had plenty of memory. The 12GB RAM comes with 256GB of storage to use the high-end app without any problems. We had plenty of storage! I’m not worried that if I run out of money, I can expand up to 1TB of external memory!

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model also had plenty of battery capacity! It has a battery with a capacity of 4,500 mAh, so it doesn’t discharge easily even after long use! The charge was also buffered in a short time with high-speed mode!

If you are looking for a smartphone with good camera specifications, I strongly recommend the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model! If you buy it at the Mom’s phone cafe, you can get the maximum price discount of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and sell it at a special price of 500,000 won!

You will be satisfied because the delivery is speedy! So if you want to buy it at a lower price, I recommend you hurry up and try it! We don’t know when the price will go up again. The Galaxy Note 20 model can also be sold for 300,000 won! Make sure you log on.

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