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Galaxy Note 9 colors and specifications are good

Hello, I changed my smartphone and enjoyed watching dramas that I was behind at home! Not too long ago, I changed it to a smartphone that has high cost-effectiveness. Honestly, it’s been a while since it was released, so I tried to understand it even if the performance was low, but the specs were much better than I thought.

The model I bought is the Galaxy Note 9 model that was Samsung Electronics’ flagship smartphone! I bought the Galaxy Note 9 color, specifications, and price because they were all perfect. First of all, there are 6 colors for Galaxy Note 9. I heard that the number decreased to five when it was re-launched.

The re-released Galaxy Note 9 colors are Alpine White, Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Crown Silver, and Metallic Copper. I bought a lavender purple color with a strong feminine feeling. I thought it would be the best color for the Galaxy Note 9. But, of course… I was so surprised to see it in person!

The lavender purple color of the Galaxy Note 9 is much more subtle and prettier than the one I saw on the screen. If you’re worried about the color of the Galaxy Note 9, I’d like to recommend lavender purple. The display size of the Galaxy Note 9 model was big. With the 6.4-inch Infinity Display, the immersion was excellent.

Everything except the bezel above and below can be used as a screen. The resolution was high, and the color was rich. And the grip was good. Maybe because the bezel was thin, it felt wrapped in one hand when I carried it.

The processor responsible for smartphone performance is equipped with Exynos 9810. Do you think it will perform better because it’s down to two levels than the latest processors? I wanted to, but while I was using it, I was surprised that the work and apps’ speed were so fast!

The network supports LTE mobile communication. Although 5G mobile communication is fast, I am sorry that the LTE model is gradually discontinued. The LTE model is cheaper than 5G, and I think the internet speed is faster, so I’m going to use it well in advance because I think it might be hard to get the LTE model after the contract is over!

Memory comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. I was a bit worried because I tend to download a lot of apps and dramas if it looks fun. But I heard that the Galaxy Note 9 model could expand its external memory up to 512GB, so I’m using it to add it later.

The camera specifications for the Galaxy Note 9 model were pretty good, too. The front is equipped with 8-megapixel selfie lenses, allowing users to take clear and clear selfies or use video calls. It has a 12-megapixel wide-angle, telescopic lens on the back.

Wide-angle lenses helped take clear pictures, and telescopic lenses made it easier to control distant subjects and characters’ distance through zoom-in function. Also, the live focus function was supported, so we were able to blur the background. It was good because it had the effect of highlighting people.

Also, AI can recognize it and apply the most optimized filter to get my best shot without any correction. The battery capacity of the Galaxy Note 9 model is 4000mAh. It’s got a high-capacity battery, so it doesn’t discharge after a long period of use.

The charge was also fully charged in a short time using the high-speed charging mode! Besides, there were Samsung Pay, stereo speakers, waterproof dustproof, etc., as well. The Samsung Pay function is very convenient because you can use it free online and offline when you register your card on your smartphone!

Stereo speakers provided more sound when watching movies or playing games. The screen is big, but the sound is also helping to increase the immersion. The waterproof and dustproof function is strong against dust and rain, so you can use your smartphone without worrying about flooding or damage.

I bought the Galaxy Note 9 model through Mom’s phone cafe. Mom’s phone cafe currently sells Galaxy Note 9 models at a special price of 100,000 won. It was so cheap that I was surprised. I think this will be the last episode of the purchase period. I think you’d better hurry since the inventory is running out fast.

It takes only one day to ship, and the counselors are kind, and the application process is easy, so it’s very convenient. I think those of you who are older can apply for it comfortably. If you are looking for a cost-effective smartphone, I recommend you to buy it quickly.

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