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I accidentally dropped my iPhone from the helicopter… Totally fine

What if you drop your smartphone from a high place? Most likely, liquid crystal or rear glass will break, and sometimes it will be too damaged to be used again. But the news I heard this time was different.
Brazilian documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galioto is on the chopper for a new project. He was flying over Brazil’s southeastern city of Caboprio 2,000 feet and found something he wanted to record, so he pulled his camera through the helicopter’s small window and began filming. And he started to capture the scenery with his iPhone 6s.

Giotto, who was filming with one hand, lost his phone in his hand due to the sudden gust of wind. The place where I missed my phone was 2,000 feet above the sea.
According to the IT media Phonerena, he said, “I never thought I could find my phone again. Also, Apple recently announced that it does not support iOS on the iPhone 6s and plans to switch to a new phone. So I didn’t have any regrets… I was surprised when I tried to find my iPhone.

Galliotto tried ‘Finding iPhone’ in the iCloud. I thought the location would not be visible because it must have fallen into the water or been damaged, but the phone’s location came up. It was right in the middle of the beach, a little away from the place where the phone dropped. He went directly to the location where the phone was, and the iPhone 6s status was this.

As you can see in the picture above, there was no broken spot. The liquid was not broken either. He explained that there were only a few scratches left. There was no special device on the phone. It was just attached with a silicon case and a screen protection film.

What’s more interesting is that the moment when the phone falls to the floor remains as a video. The video fell on. In the video, the phone spins and falls for about 20 seconds before landing safely. After landing, the phone is believed to have fallen with the screen facing down, judging from the sky.
Galliotto explained, “The wind helped me,” and explained that the place where I dropped my phone was on the sea, and it seemed to have settled on the sandy beach because of the wind. “It’s unbelievable to tell someone,” he added.
Netizens showed interesting reactions. “I fell 2,000 feet, and my phone was fine… My phone fell two feet from the sky, and it shattered, and this guy just made an iPhone ad, and he’s the best iPhone drop test ever!

This is not the first time an iPhone has survived a helicopter crash. In Iceland last year, a photographer dropped an iPhone 6s 200 feet above the ground. The smartphone in question was also fine. There were no broken parts on the exterior, and photos and videos were also possible.

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