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How to get a 30% discount on iPhone 12 device change!

I’m going to have a pleasing weekend, and I’m going to set up the apps I use on my new smartphone, watch the videos I’m behind, play games, and spend the weekend in total surplus. I changed my smartphone to the iPhone 12 model this time!

I changed my smartphone as a condition to charge my iPhone 12 device! I used a place called Mom’s Phone Cafe! This is the place where a close acquaintance introduced me. As I’ve heard, the discount is excellent. There was little price difference between the iPhone 12 device change condition and number transfer condition to buy it without any burden!

I bought it at a special price of 700,000 won at the Mom’s phone cafe after getting the maximum discount as a condition for changing the iPhone 12 device. I’m delighted that I got a 30% discount from the previous store price! Actually, I bought it as a condition for changing the iPhone 12 device because the benefits of telecommunication service are good, but I’m thrilled to get a similar discount!

If you’ve used somewhere else, you probably haven’t gotten this much discount on iPhone 12 device changes. Besides, the mums were delivered very fast. I ordered it on Tuesday, but I got it the next day on Wednesday. The delivery is very fast, right? I loved it.

I bought the iPhone 12 model in red! Red, blue, black, white, and green colors are available, and bright red looks pretty! It’s made of glazed glass, so it looks bright, and I really liked it!

I really liked the iPhone 12model’s display sizel, too~ It has a 6.1-inch size with a notch design, so I could use the screen big and wide! Also, the XDR Superretina Display with OLED is installed!

Thanks to this, I used the screen with evident picture quality and rich colors! The performance was great, too! It’s definitely different from the previous iPhone model! First of all, the network was 5G, so it was perfect.

Even if you download high-capacity apps or videos, it was buffered quickly in a short period of time, and the speed of searching on the Internet was breakneck. Clearly, the internet speed was twice as fast as the LTE model. I know why they use the 5G model!

The speed of the work was breakneck and accurate. Thanks to the processor~ The A14 Bionic processor has improved performance by nearly 50% compared to the previous year’s premium smartphone iPhone 11 series.

The iPhone 12 model had plenty of memory. 4GB RAM, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB storage! If you only use storage for your own capacity! I bought a 64GB model because I used less capacity and used an eye cloud before!

If you’re using a lot of capacity, it’s better to buy more from the beginning. The iPhone 12 model had excellent camera specifications.~ There are 3 lenses in total on the front and back! First, look at the front camera.

With a 12-megapixel selfie lens, you can take a clear-cut selfie and use face time! It’s so nice to have a live focus effect that can highlight your face and blur the background.

It has 12 megapixel wide and ultra-wide lenses on the back. It was good to take pictures with wider angles or clearer picture quality and take pictures with professional quality using night mode, character lighting, and live focus.

If you haven’t purchased the iPhone 12 yet, I recommend you to try Mom’s phone cafe! In the Mom’s phone cafe, iPhone 12 device change conditions and number transfer conditions are sold at a special price of 700,000 won with a maximum discount.

So if you want to get the maximum discount for iPhone 12 device change and number transfer conditions, make sure to try it. Mom’s phone cafe is high-speed, and the counselors are very kind, so you’ll be satisfied.

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