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Detailed reviews of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra White!

Hello! I finally changed my smartphone. I think it’s been about four years! I’ve been using the Galaxy Note 5 since it doesn’t have any problems, and its performance is not bad. The screen image got worse recently, and there was not enough storage space, so I decided to change it.

The model I bought this time is Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model for the second half of the year! It was released in August, but I bought it because the price discount rate was high and the specifications were excellent. I bought it because I thought it would be better to use the latest model for a long time.

I got the maximum discount at the Mom’s phone cafe and bought the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model at a special price of 500,000 won! I loved it! I especially loved the color! The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra models come in Mystic Bronze, White, and Black colors!

Among them, I bought the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra White color. I’ve used black before, and Bronz is not my type. I chose the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra White color because it’s the easiest and cleanest color.

Looking at it in person, I was delighted with the Ultra White color of Galaxy Note 20~ It gave a clean and bright feeling, so I could use it without getting tired of it. I can get a little tan when I’m in White. If you are thinking about color, I would like to recommend the ultra white color of the Galaxy Note 20!

The display size is as satisfying as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra White color! It’s 6.9 inches long and has a lot of immersion! It also has an edgy design to use the screen big and full, and the bezel is thin, so it has a great grip.

There’s a 120 Hz injection rate! The injection rate is high, so even if you use your smartphone for a long time, your eyes feel less tired! Clearly, high injection rates are effective in reducing blue light that is harmful to the eyes!

The performance is so good that it hurts to say! Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 865 Plus Pro Sessions was swift and accurate. The network was also supported for 5G mobile communication to download the high-capacity app quickly!

The memory was also very high! It comes with 12GB of RAM, so there’s no bounce or stop during use! I was able to play high-end games without a hitch. It was too good. There was plenty of storage. 256GB of storage is available! Maybe I won’t be in short supply! But it may not be enough for those who use a little more capacity! But there’s a solution! You can add an SD card!

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model can expand external memory to support up to 1TB! Besides this, the camera spec of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model was perfect. A 10-megapixel selfie lens on the front helps you take a clear-cut selfie!

The rear is equipped with a 180-megapixel wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telescopic lens! Each lens was able to create a variety of moods! With up to 50 times the digital zoom function, it was very free to control distant objects’ distance!

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also had a wide range of functions in the S Pen. First of all, I took notes on the screen that was turned off! I have a good sense of writing, and it’s convenient to share my notes right away! Not only that, but I also liked the function of air action, slide, etc.

The factory price of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra model is set at 1,452,000 won! It’s a little expensive. However, if you buy it at Mom’s phone cafe, you can buy it at a 70% discount for 500,000 won! It’s a benefit that reduces the total cost burden.

Mom’s phone cafe is famous for its fast delivery, the easy application process, and low price! So if you’re interested, we recommend you try it before the price changes!


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